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Top 5 Instagram Shots: August 2018

Top 5 Instagram Shots: August 2018

Each week we pick some of the best instagram shots that YOU have taken from across Canada and tagged with #canadaexplored ... then we do some homework and add a story about the location where the shot was taken!  Simply tag your next photo for a chance to have it shared!

Looking back over the last month, here are our favourites (with a shout out to the photographers):


Sainte-Thérès, QC

The Story: This small town in Quebec lies at the southern end of a web of cross-country ski trails that drift through the Laurentians. During the summer, some of these trails are used as bike paths making it easy to explore the stunning surrounding unspoiled areas. (📸 @frlefebvre)


Amherst, NS

The Story: Amherst is known as Nova Scotia's historic border town because it is the first community to welcome visitors travelling from New Brunswick. If you're headed this way, don't forget to check out the Amherst Farmer's Market that runs from Spring through Fall on Fridays! Or, if you're into arcitecture, check out the beautiful Edwardian and Victorian style homes in town. (📸 @keyshank)


Medford Beach, NS

The Story: The highest tides in the world carved these beautiful sandstone formations at Nova Scotia's Medford Beach. Don't forget to check the tide before you go to make sure you get the chance to stick your feet in the red sand! (📸 @karendahlgren)


Chesterman Beach, BC

The Story: The famous Chesterman Beach is a renowned surf spot during both the summer and winter. It's even ranked one of the top places in North America to learn how to surf! Definitely worth adding to the bucket list. (📸 @toose52)


Everywhere, Canada

The Story: How do you like your marshmallows roasted? Are you patient enough to get them to that perfect shade of golden brown or do you just stick them right in the fire and then blow out the flames? (We know there's some of you out there!) (📸 @nrthwrd)

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The Big Trees - Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

The Big Trees - Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island

Walking on the Ocean Floor - Burntcoat Head Park, NS

Walking on the Ocean Floor - Burntcoat Head Park, NS