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Walking on the Ocean Floor - Burntcoat Head Park, NS

Walking on the Ocean Floor - Burntcoat Head Park, NS

“You’re going to love it!” That’s what my friend told me as we sped along a hilly country road toward Burntcoat Head Park. He was 100% right. As soon as we got down to the shoreline all I could think was, “Why haven’t I been here before?”

In true millennial fashion, I discovered Burntcoat Head Park this year after seeing beautiful pictures in my Instagram feed. It only took a few breath-taking photos until it went on my summer exploring list. I highly recommend that you put it on yours!

Tucked away in Noel, Nova Scotia the park borders the Bay of Fundy and showcases the world’s highest tides. Twice a day 160 billion tons of wash in and out of the Bay of Fundy. At Burntcoat Head Park, that translates into an average tide of 47.5 feet! 

Walk/slide/squish along the ocean floor at low tide - you’ll love exploring the shorelife and the views as you walk along the expansive coastline. It’s hard to describe the beauty of this place, but let’s just say that it is *so cool* to walk on the bottom of the ocean, and to see the base of an island!


  • Check the tide times before you go: www.tides.gc.ca
  • Pack extra shoes or rubber boots for the mud!

Park Amenities:

  • Picnic area next to the parking lot
  • Washrooms 
  • Lighthouse (open only during certain hours)
  • Foot-washing station near the shore access
  • Guided tours of the shoreline are available from late May until Thanksgiving

If you’re looking to kick things up a notch, you might want to make a reservation for Dining on the Ocean Floor at The Flying Apron Inn and Cookery. It’s a day-long culinary experience at the park. The 2018 cost was $745/per couple and they sell out every year! More info here: flyingaproncookery.com/dining-on-the-ocean-floor

For more information about Burntcoat and to help plan your trip, you can visit: burntcoatheadpark.ca


We’d love to see your favourite pictures from Burntcoat Head Park when you visit. Hashtag #canadaexplored on Instagram to show us your favourite views!

Author’s note: you might have heard of the Fundy Tides before in relation to Fundy National Park, in New Brunswick. Both parks border the same Bay of Fundy, but are in different provinces.

All photos in article by author.

References: https://www.burntcoatheadpark.ca


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