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Top Hikes in Fundy National Park

Top Hikes in Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park in New Brunswick is one of my favourite places in Canada. I've spent time here every summer since I was young and there are A LOT of fantastic hiking trails scattered across the area! In fact, it can be a little overwhelming looking at a map. 

So here is a list of my top 5 favourite moderate hikes for all to enjoy in Fundy ... let's go!

#1 - The Moosehorn-Laverty Loop (7.3KM) ...

This is one of my favourite places to explore in all of New Brunswick and it brings together the perfect mix of work and payoff! 

I recommend starting your adventure at the Moosehorn trailhead where you'll come down a steep section to these views ...

Once you've enjoyed a mid-hike swim, continue on and, on your way out, you'll come upon Laverty Falls ... yes, it's another swimming hole if you're ready for round two! You'll have about 1/3 left of the trail to hike out (it's gradually uphill and I always feel like it's going to be shorter than it is). 

Check out my more in-depth blog about this hike HERE

#2 - Third Vault Falls (7.4KM) ... 

Third Vault is another beautiful waterfall hike (see the photo below)!  

This one take about 2-hours to complete, but plan for extra time for a scenic lunch break at the falls and maybe some swimming (it's very cold water for this one!).  I remember when I was a kid this hike seemed so hard, but it's really nothing major. 

On the way out you have to work a bit harder, as it's all uphill, but so worth it!


#3 - Matthews Head (4.5KM) ...

This hiking trail will switch things up a bit!  Matthews Head is a coastal trail you'll especially like doing in the spring or summer when it’s too cold to swim at Laverty or Third Vault.  The coastal views are a great alternative to the deeper forest treks that we've previously mentioned. 


About 1/3 of the way into the hike you'll find yourself arriving at the first lookout, and then encounter some history; the foundation of a 19th century homestead - but you'll need to keep your eyes peeled.  The next lookout comes about 2/3's along at Squaw’s Cap.

 #4 - Dickson Falls (1.5KM) ...

Hike #4 - Dickson Falls

Dickson Falls is a very popular, short hike filled with beauty ... it was the classic family hike growing up!  It’s only about 30-45 minutes long, depending on which route you take.

As you move through the trail, you'll experience the temperature difference that occurs from the beginning of the trek though the dry coniferous forest and then onto the colder, wet valley habitat. 

This is the perfect trail for either starting or ending a day for you and your friends in Fundy! 

#5 - Herring Cove Beach (1KM) ... 

Rounding out the list, we have another easy trail. It’s actually more like a walk through the woods to a beach ... but it’s the beautiful Herring Cove Beach!

Now, this is not a swimming beach, because the Bay of Fundy is super cold all year round!  However, the scenic coastline when you emerge from the woods shows-off the immensity of the tides. So, make sure you plan to go when it is a low tide, so you can walk the beach and explore. 

As you return from the waterfront, make sure to jump onto the “Coastal” trail which will bring you to a small waterfall and then back to a nice picnic area and cookhouse at the trailhead – a great place to finish off your adventure and enjoy your lunch! 

Last Thoughts ...

Well, there you have it – my top 5 favourite (moderate) hikes in Fundy! I hope you like them as much as I do!

There’s certainly lots to explore in Fundy National Park – this will hopefully get you started on the right track! 

Happy adventuring! 

PS - I also wanted to give an honourable mention to Coppermine and Kinnie Brook. They also opened a new biking trail this summer (and provide bike rentals), but I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet!

All photos in this article were taken by the author.




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