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Top 5 Instagram Shots: April 2018

Top 5 Instagram Shots: April 2018

Each week we pick some of the best instagram shots that YOU have taken from across Canada and tagged with #canadaexplored ... then we do some homework and add a story about the location where you took the shot!  Simply tag your next photo for a chance to have it shared. 

Looking back over the last month, here are our favourites (with a shout out to the photographers):

Northwest Arm

Northwest Arm is an inlet in eastern Canada off the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia, near Halifax. Originally called, “Waygwalteech" by the Mi'kmaq Nation, it translates to "salt water all the way up”, and then was called “Sandwich River” by early English settlers. In 1921 received the name it now is known by.           (📸 @patricio_rojo)


Thunder Cove

Known for its red sand and red potatoes, Canada’s smallest province also has one of the coolest red rock beaches anywhere in the world! On your journey to ‘the teapot’ formation, you’ll  experience the red sandstone walls that tower over this entrance to the Atlantic Ocean! (📸 @veveordie )


Numa Falls

Numa Falls is a perfect example of nature's wondrous beauty and immense power. This cascading waterfall is part of the Vermillion River that flows from a spring runoff in east-central Alberta and empties into the North Saskatchewan River. (📸 @citydrown )


Waterton Lakes

Huge Bison herds once roamed the plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Today, just north of the Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta, is a large, grassy area of rolling land set aside as a Buffalo Paddock. A small herd of buffalo has lived here in the wild since 1952 and are descendants of a herd bought by the Government of Canada in 1907.           (📸 @mountie_photographer)


Morant's Curve

Since its inception in 1990, the British Columbia-based Rocky Mountaineer, has become the largest privately owned luxury tourist train company in the world. It’s probably one of the best ways to see the Canadian Rockies! (📸 @3to2)

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